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Hakku Initiative

Mana Hakku Mana Hyderabad, Mana Hakku Mana Telangana

  • Hakku Initiative/Channel is India’s first campaign-based online platform that works on solutions. The objective of the Channel is to explore pathways for reforms in social, economic and political spheres. Modern democracies must be realigned with people. This is especially important as the weak are getting weaker and the poor getting poorer despite representation, and electoral justice promised by democracies. 

  • Hakku Initiative is part of the Institute of Perception Studies, a New Delhi-based research institute that has worked in rural and urban distress, and reforms.

Hakku Campaign Series / Videos

Watch more videos on our YouTube channel.

Hakku Citizen Referendum

Women Curfew in Hyderabad

Life Savers of Hyderabad

Citizen Safety & Wine Shops in Hyderabad

Farmer Suicides in Telangana

One Year Of Hathras

Paddy Farmers of Telangana

Bad Roads, Bad Health

 Forgotten Teachers of Hyderabad

Sanitation Warriors of Hyderabad

Press Coverage

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