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Rural Urban Distress Studies 

NCRB Reports 2021

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‘Gender and Rural Distress in Maharashtra and Karnataka: Invisibilities of Widows of Farmer Suicides,’ in State of Working India, 2020, Azim Premji University. The research formulates Distress Indicators and develops a State Distress Scale to identity vulnerabilities and prevent farmer suicides in Maharashtra and Karnataka. 


ips research has also informed policies for women-headed households, notably in Punjab’s Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana, announced in 2020. Under the scheme, new initiatives/ programmes would be taken by the State to cover the aspects which have hitherto remained uncovered or were partially covered by existing Centrally/State sponsored women/girl child-oriented schemes.


Widows of Vidarbha, Making of Shadows, Oxford University Press, 2018. The book presents a longitudinal study through 2014-17 of the life of farmer suicide widows in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.


Widows of Farmer Suicide Victims in Vidarbha, Economic and Political Weekly, 2018. This research visits the differential dependence of widows in early and later cases of farmer suicides, separated by 10 years (2002-03 and 2012-13).


Shoes of the dead (rupa publications, 2013) Shoes of the Dead, the bestseller which narrates life and death battle of a farmer against his inheritance of despair.


Farmer suicides: The fate of the women left behind (hindustan times) 

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Rural Distress and Farm Widows