1st Rate The Debate Conference:
The KVS Rama Sarma Memorial Event

Date: January 19, 2021
Theme: Perception and Democracy: The Role of Television Debates

Session 1 | “News and Neutrality : Is Bias inevitable?”

The 1st Rate the Debate Conference started off with opening remarks by Dr. Kota Neelima, Founder, Rate The Debate. The entire conference was divided into three panels discussing contemporary themes pertaining to Indian Media especially with the conduct of Television Debates. Thereafter there was an enlightening discussion on the theme “News and Neutrality: Is Bias inevitable?” This panel was moderated by Ms. Saba Naqvi, a senior journalist and author. The panelists of this debate were Mr. Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, Senior Journalist and Author along with Ms. Priya Sahgal, Executive Political Editor, NewsX.
Session 2 | "Faith in News: Is doubt a protection against fake?”

This was followed by another enriching discussion on the theme “Faith in News: Is doubt a protection against fake?” This panel was moderated by Mr. Narendra Nath Mishra, Senior Journalist, Navbharat Times. The panel comprised of Ms. Mrinal Pande, Padmashree awardee journalist and author, Mr. Ashutosh, Senior Journalist, Author and Co-founder, and Mr. Pratik Sinha, Co-founder, AltNews.
Session 3 | "The Hathras Coverage: Darkness and Hope"

The last session of the conference was about The Hathras Coverage: Darkness and Hope. This was an extremely comprehensive session which highlighted the realities and difficulties of onground journalism. This panel through the course of discussions brought out the inherent power of media to be a medium like no other to ensure justice for those from whom it has been stolen. This session had Mr. Brajesh Mishra, Senior Journalist and Chief Editor, Bharat Samachar, Mr. Sunil Fernandes, Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court of India and Ms. Pragya Mishra, Journalist, Bharat Samachar. This panel discussion was moderated by Ms. Rohini Singh, Senior Journalist.

2nd Rate The Debate Conference:
Media Mutinies Conference Series
Dated: March 6, 2021
Theme: Role of Women and New Journalism

Session 1 | "Women in Digital Media - Beyond Glass Ceilings"

The 2nd Rate The Debate Conference, began with the opening remarks by Dr. Kota Neelima, Founder, #RateTheDebate. She introduced the Media Mutinies conference series and laid out the vision of this conference the theme of which is "Role of Women and New Journalism".
Subsequently, the session was open to the first panel comprising of Mr Abhigyan Prakash, Ms Seema Chishti and Ms SakshiJoshi. This Panel was discussing: Women in Digital Media - Beyond Glass Ceilings.
Mainstream media, by excluding women from powerful roles, had pushed them to the digital space where they have excelled. And now, "digital is the new mainstream".
Session 2 | Women in Media Hierarchy: Is "Editorship" Gender-Specific?

Media spaces must be representative to reflect the complexity of the field. Women journalists in influential roles can make news inclusive. But does that happen?
With this as the thematic question of this session of the 2nd Rate The Debate Conference, we were joined by Rama Lakshmi, Editor - Opinion, who moderated the panel; alongside we had Naghma Sahar, Senior Editor, NDTV and Nidhi Razdan, Senior Journalist as the panelists.
Session 3 | Women & Farmers Protest Coverage - View from the Fringe

This session was moderated by Mr Saahil Murli Menghani, Reporter - Anchor and the panel comprised of Ms Preeti Choudhry, Editor, India Today; Ms Nishtha Gautam, Senior Editor - Opinions, The Quint; and Ms Shruti Chaturvedi, Founder & Editor, Chaaipani.
This panel discussed the coverage of Farmers protest by women journalists which revealed the viewpoint from the fringe. This view from the fringe, is that what new journalism is all about was another major question this panel tried to address.